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Glenn Angel

1955 - 2006

Greg Angel 

Gary Angel

Century Asphalt was founded in 1998 on humble beginnings, family values and a determination to add value to the construction operation, Angel Brothers Enterprises, LTD.  The origin of the name “Century Asphalt” derives the Latin root, Centum (one hundred), which later evolved into the contemporary English translation of “Century”, meaning “period of 100 years”.  The name “Century Asphalt” was selected by an internal employee to highlight our quality and long-lasting products; we provide a durable mix that stands the test of time.    


Century Materials originally began under the name Baytown Asphalt and later evolved into Century Asphalt as an asphalt supplier to it’s sister company, Angel Brothers Enterprises, LTD.   Over the course of 23 years and with the addition of our Terminal,  Century Materials has evolved into Texas’ largest aggregate supplier/manufacturer and has expanded it's product line to include; asphalt, crushed concrete, stabilized material and sand mining.  Our product line expansion combined with our central and south East Texas geographic coverage has enabled us to serve a variety of clientele ranging from the Texas Department of Transportation, cities, counties, and private industry sectors.   The use of our materials are not only prevalent within the civil construction industry but are also widespread in various other industry sectors/project uses including but not limited to; commercial, landscaping, residential, industrial, chemical, manufacturing and oil and gas.  


Century Materials will forever be rooted in the initial values and principles from which we were founded upon; honesty, integrity, family, hard work and dedication.  We attribute our successes to these principles in addition to our phenomenal employees who have shaped Century Materials into what it is today.  Below is a timeline depicting our humble beginnings and the incredible growth of the Angel Family material business known today as Century Materials.

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