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Asphalt Plant Operator


  • Operates computerized control panel to produce hot mix, warm mix, and / or cold mix asphalt to specification. Works inside an enclosed control house to oversee processes.

  • Supervises plant employees, production and distribution of product.

  • Communicates with drivers via radio.

  • Troubleshoots and communicates problems with ground crew.

  • Assists with machine maintenance and repairs.

  • Coordinates material deliveries including AC and aggregates.

  • Understands and implements Safety, Health, and Environmental policies and regulations.

  • Work closely with QC/QA Lab personnel to insure that mix is produced to job specification.

  • Maintain proper record keeping

  • Daily pre-shift plant inspections

  • Maintain proper maintenance records

  • Conduct weekly safety meetings

  • General housekeeping of control room

  • Educate and promote employee safety

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