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Front End Loader Operator


  • Operates loader to transfer material from yard to storage bins

  • Grease the loader daily

  • Performs daily preventative maintenance - tire pressure, oil, grease, diesel fuel, hoses for leaks and all moving parts for proper function

  • Records daily maintenance activities

  • Daily pre and post trip inspections are required on the loader

  • Help maintain all of plant yard area for environmental compliance

  • Assist in the inventory process

  • Report any problems to maintenance personnel and manager

  • Demonstrates good knowledge of lockout/tagout procedure required during certain procedures

  • Performs preventative maintenance on conveyor belts, which charge plants, and maintains other plant equipment

  • Assists Batch Plant Operator and Master Maintenance Mechanic with other duties as needed

  • Cleans area around aggregate charging hoppers, load point and assist in cleaning plant and yard

  • Demonstrates a good working knowledge of Company Rules and Regulations, and assures facility compliance with OSHA, DOT, TNRCC, EPA, and other regulatory agencies

  • Assist with training of co-workers as needed

  • Required to follow all safety policies and procedures, wear PPE and promote a 24/7 Safe Culture

  • Perform other duties as required by Plant Operator

  • Must be physically capable to climb on and under conveyor belts and work in high places. Will be required to stoop, bend, and lift heavy objects such as shovels full of concrete materials etc. on a respective basis

  • Must be able to use hand tools and grease gun to perform all phases of loader maintenance

  • Responsible for stock pile management

  • Maintain housekeeping of stock piles

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