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Crushed Concrete

Century Materials owns and operates 4 concrete crushing facilities in and around Houston, Texas.  Locations include Downtown Houston, Katy, Baytown and the Woodlands.  Click here to view the facility map to find a location near you.  

Century Materials specializes in the recycling and repurposing end of life concrete.  Whether it's old house slabs, sidewalks, pavement or structures, we can ensure that these materials never end up in a landfill.  Between crushed concrete and recycled asphalt pavement, Century is the volume leader in the state of Texas when it comes to recycling construction materials.  Century Materials recycles over 3 Million tons of construction materials annually and is committed to preserving our environment.  For sales inquiries please call 281-292-2878 (Houston). 


Crushed Concrete Products

  • Crushed Concrete Flex Base 

  • Bull Rock (3" x 5") 

  • Blanket Stone (2" x 4")

  • Grade 1 Rip Rap (12" x 18") 

  • Grade 2 Rip Rap (18" x 24") 

  • Stabilized Crushed Concrete

Crushed Concrete Flex Base

Flexible base is a granular, unbound material placed as a base course in the pavement structure.  It is most often used for driveways, sidewalks, temporary roads and base material for underneath concrete and asphalt paving.  Flex base provides a durable all weather surface. 

Bull Rock (3" x 5") 

Bull Rock is recycled material that ranges from about 3"- 5".   It is used as erosion control mitigation material on slope surfaces, driveways, entrance/exists from construction sites, etc.  

Rip Rap

Ripraps can be used to stabilize slopes preventing erosion and other stabilization problems. Riprap, is extremely useful in a number of different construction applications such as:

  • Channel Sides and Slopes

  • Culverts inlets and outlets

  • Bridges

  • Slopes

  • Drainage Structures

  • Grade stabilization structures

  • Storm drains

  • Stream banks

The most commonly used sizes of rip rap are Grade 1 (12”-18”) and Grade 2 (18”-24”). This product is easy to install and repair, it has a natural appearance and is environmentally safe.



Call (713) 923-1988 to order now

Baytown - Crushed Concrete

11250 Interstate 10

Baytown, Tx 77523

Katy - Crushed Concrete

27734 HWY BLVD 

Katy, TX 77949

Liberty Crusher - Crushed Concrete

7445 Liberty Road

Houston, TX 77028

Woodlands - Crushed Concrete 

224 Lexington Court

Conroe, Tx 77385

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