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Job Description
Traffic Control

Job Description:


Traffic Control Persons (TCP’s) are the employees on construction sites who control traffic by installing, maintaining and monitoring traffic control devices. They are employees working on the roadway projects along roads and highways that help traffic keep flowing through a construction zone safely, despite a lane closures. TCP’s often work in teams from a company vehicle and utility trailer.

TCP’s need to stand on their feet for long periods of time and understand how to control traffic in accordance to the TMUTCD (Texas Manual Uniform Traffic Control Devices) NS THE Federal Highway Administration. TCP’s may put out traffic cones and use signs and/or hand signals to communicate with motorists. TCP’s need to be confident enough to stand along the side of moving vehicles, sometimes in blazing heat, frigid cold middle of the day/night, to make sure that traffic runs as smoothly through the work zone.




• Directing traffic to protect the safety of the work crew.

• Direct the actions of motoring and pedestrian traffic for their safety and the safety of the work crew.

• Administer proper positioning for their own safety so that they can effectively conduct their duties to protect the safety of the work crew and the public


Hazards of the Job:


Traffic control employees have the right to know what the hazards are in their occupation. Before starting the job a hazard assessment should be done. Things to look for would include, but not be limited to:


• Traffic volumes

• Speed limits

• Sight distances

• Work process

• The presence of pedestrian traffic

• The tools and equipment including the signs

• Communications

• Proximity to other workers (working alone)

• Road surface

• Environmental conditions

• Proximity of heavy equipment

• Noise

• Training competencies for traffic control persons

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