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The Century Terminal sits on approximately 18 acres.  Total storage is 718,000 bbls; primary storage consists of twelve 54,000 bbls tanks, secondary specialty products storage includes two 5,000, two 10,000, and two 20,000 bbls tanks.  All tanks are interconnected and have redundant pumping equipment. All tanks, piping, and pumps are heated by hot oil utilizing a combination of three 9.96 MBTU multi-fuel heaters and a regulated system which includes twelve circulation pumps.


We have an automated polymer modified asphalt (PMA) production facility which includes two 300HP Siefer Mills, three 4000 gal mix/milling tanks, dual polymer-feed addition system, four 35,000 finished product ‘Let-Down’ tanks, and liquid suspension crosslinker addition equipment.  PMA production capability is 440 tons per day.  We also have ground tire rubber mixing equipment and storage, and 10,000 gallons of onsite storage for liquid emulsions. 

The 24-hr truck automated loadout system consists of a pair of double-sided active scales, giving the Terminal the ability to load four trucks simultaneously with any of up to eight products. There are two independent 20 rail car unloading positions for a total of 40 rail unloading slots.  Each dual-sided 20-car unloading position is equipped with four unloading pumps.  Each independent 20-car set has its own steam generator and water treatment system for steam heating of rail cars. 


The facility has water access to the Houston Ship Channel and Gulf of Mexico for barge transfers.  All tanks are connected to the dock for barge unloadings through approximately 2500ft of heated piping.  Additionally, the facility has rail connectivity to two class one rail road companies.  Both Union Pacific and BNSF have access to deliver rail cars for steam heating and transfers to bulk storage tanks.

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