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Job Description
Heavy Haul Driver


This position is an hourly position involving the employee to drive a tractor trailer (Peterbuilt) connected to a flat bed low boy trailer.  Construction equipment such as loaders, dozers, brooms, milling machines, backhoes, road wideners, etc. hauled on the trailer from one location to another under the direction of the Haul truck Supervisor.  On average the employee usually works  50 hours per week Monday through Saturday; 6:00AM to 4:30 PM with a 30 minute lunch break.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Driver must enter and exit his tractor trailer 4-5 times per shift

  • Each stop, the employee must detach his trailer, lower ramps for equipment to be loaded.

  • Driver must climb into all construction equipment to be picked up and drive it onto the lowboy trailer.

  • Each piece of equipment must be tied down and secured with chains and boomers in accordance to DOT regulations.

  • Drivers are required to wear work boots, jeans, work shirt, Hardhat, Class 3 traffic vest and gloves.  Eye and hearing protection is required only when necessary.

  • When drivers are not required to pick up loads, they are staged in local truck stops until they are dispatched during the day.  During this time, they clean the outer and inner portions of their vehicles.

  • At the end of the drivers shift, the tractor and trailer are brought to the corporate yard in Baytown Texas and parked until their next shift.

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