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Gary Angel 

Vice President 

Gary Angel, Vice President of Angel Brothers Holdings Corp.

Mr. Angel currently serves as Vice President of Angel Brothers Enterprises, Ltd., a subsidiary company of Angel Brothers Holdings Corp. Gary joined the family business with his father, Billy B. Angel and two brothers, Glenn and Greg Angel, after graduating in 1980 from Ross S. Sterling High School.

Gary began his career operating the family owned convenience store locations until all locations sold 2003. He was involved with the construction business starting with jobsite supervision of 80 plus jobs and a workforce of 300. 

Gary currently oversees all the daily aspects of various construction jobs within Angel Brothers Holdings Corp. He is involved with evaluating job progress, maintenance of construction equipment and evaluating and recommending additional needs for employees and equipment to optimize overall production and performance.  Gary communicates with TXDOT and other county officials regarding job progress on various jobsites. 

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