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Job Description
Form Setter



Angel Brothers Enterprises, Ltd. provides experienced work in pouring and setting formwork for concrete roadways, foundations and slabs



Concrete Forman and field staff, project management and support staff including environmental, estimators, shop personnel and safety and health.





1.  Project Safety

a. Adheres to all safety regulations and reports any violations to field supervision immediately.

b. Attends safety meetings.

2.  Equipment and Tools

a. Operates all equipment and tools required to do each job which may include cement mixing machines, power trowels, small mechanical hoists, surveying and measuring equipment and instruments.

b. Maintain equipment and tools to ensure long lasting use.

3.  Production

a. Builds, erects and aligns forms for various concrete structures

b. Performs the setting of forms and securing with ground rods.

c. Estimates concrete quantities and appropriate mixes.

d. Mentors and trains other foundation employees.

e. Spreads concrete to specified depth and workable consistency.

f. Performs rough leveling and shaping of concrete surfaces.

g. Removes rough or defective spots from concrete surfaces using power grinder, etc.

h. May mix cement, using concrete wheel barrow.

i. Provides assistance to other workers and foreman as necessary.


Education and Experience:


  1. Requires 3 years of experience with steel preformed forming systems and pouring concrete.

  2. High School Diploma or GED.

  3. Class A Driver’s License Preferred.




Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:


· Considerable knowledge of the standard methods, materials, tools, equipment, and processes used in concrete construction and maintenance.

Must understand productivity and what drives job success.

Ability to perform duties and operation of equipment and tools in strict compliance with OSHA.

Knowledge of machines and equipment including uses and maintenance.

Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

Must be willing to travel to different work locations.

Must work well with co-workers.

Spanish or English Language.  (English Preferred)

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